Kapo Coulibaly, Ph.D.

Project Geohydrologist

Dr. Kapo Coulibaly has 15 years of focused experience with geologic and geohydrologic investigations and groundwater modeling. His expertise spans the spectrum of assignments from water resource management to investigating salt and nutrients, mining planning and impacts studies, injection well feasibility and salt water intrusion studies. Kapo’s background also includes supervising well construction and serving as an expert witness in litigation cases.

Education and Professional Credentials:

Ph.D., Hydrogeology, North Carolina State University, 2004
M.S., Environmental Sciences, Water and the Environment, University of Abobo-Adjame, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 1997
B.S., Geology, National University of the Ivory Coast, Abidjan, 1994


Kapo has 15 years of experience providing in-depth geohydrologic investigations.