Careers at Geoscience


Careers at Geoscience

If you are looking for a rewarding and fast-paced career then look no further! We offer competitive compensation, excellent benefits, and a great working environment. Current job openings are provided below:

Job Posting

Job title:  Project Modeler

Job duties: Primarily responsible for groundwater well design, ground water flow and solute transport modeling, geohydrologic investigations, ground water basin and water quality studies, and watershed modeling projects. The more specific job duties include: Research and prepare ground water well design, ground water flow, watershed modeling, and solute transport modeling using environmental engineering software packages MODFLOW, GSFLOW, MODPATH, MT3D, RT3D and SEAWAT to better understand groundwater level changes, safe yield and groundwater flow movement. Conduct geohydrologic investigation and prepare geohydrologic reports as well as performing water balances and geohydrologic characterizations to assess the movement of contaminants in groundwater for governmental agencies and legal support.  Plan ground water modeling projects and collaborate on developing and managing model input and output data, and develop models to identify, track and predict the contaminant flow in geohydrological investigations, groundwater basin studies and in water quality studies.  Convert geohydrologic ground water data into ground water models, analyze data and prepare figures and reports.

Job requirement: Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering or another closely related field plus 2 years of related working experience as an environmental engineer.

Resume to: Geoscience Support Services, Inc. 620 Arrow Highway, Suite 2000, La Verne, CA 91750