Groundwater Modeling

groundwater modeling

Incorporating Groundwater Modeling Since the 1960s

GEOSCIENCE is one of the first firms in California focusing solely on hydrogeology and groundwater modeling. Today, the firm is among the leaders in the development and use of groundwater models as a tool to assist in groundwater resource planning and management. We are well-versed in the application of models used in conjunction with geohydrological studies, basin management and planning and in litigation support.

GEOSCIENCE has extensive project experience with the use of surface and groundwater flow models to better understand groundwater level changes, safe yield and groundwater flow movement. The team also brings deep technical knowledge and expertise in the use of conceptual hydrological modeling to evaluating the movement of contaminants in groundwater, having developed models to identify, track and predict the contaminant flow in geohydrological investigations, groundwater basin studies and in water quality studies.

In addition, GEOSCIENCE has used this expertise in a wide array of projects and studies, including:

  • Surface water flow and groundwater modeling
  • Solute transport modeling
  • Subsidence modeling from groundwater pumping
  • Watershed modeling
  • Waterfield modeling for energy optimization
  • Modeling for Injection Barrier Wells

The modeling team also conducts and incorporates model updates, refinements and recalibrations into current projects, thus capitalizing on existing data sets for more effective use as a planning tool. The reputation of the modeling team at GEOSCIENCE is evidenced by numerous peer reviews and training on the use of models to regulators, including the USEPA and the USGS.


Monterey Bay Desalination Project

GEOSCIENCE is using slant well technology to help alleviate pressure on the local aquifer and contribute to local water supplies.

Client: California American Water
Date: 2010-present
Services Performed: Groundwater Modeling, Subsurface Intakes for Desalination


Antelope Valley Groundwater Rights Adjudication

Our modeling and expert witness capabilities were called upon in California’s largest groundwater rights adjudication.

Client: Best, Best & Krieger LLP
Date: 2012-2015
Services Performed: Groundwater Modeling, Legal Support


Paso Robles Basin Study

The Paso Robles groundwater basin has undergone explosive growth over the past decade. Recognizing the need for comprehensive groundwater basin study, local water officials turned to GEOSCIENCE.

Client: San Luis Obispo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
Date: 2011-present
Services Performed: Basin Management, Geohydrologic Studies, Groundwater Modeling