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The links below provide more information about groundwater and the important role it plays in our water supply.

Intro to how wells work:

Production wells consist of four primary components: a hole in the ground, a perforated pipe (well screen), a specially designed mix of gravel (filter pack), and a pump. While the materials are simple, determining the best location, screen location and size, appropriate gravel mix, and pump, is a complex task, and varies based on location.

Intro to slant wells and uses:

Slant wells are drilled at an angle, allowing the well to pump water from below the ocean surface. The sea water obtained by this method has fewer impurities, reducing the need for pretreatment. Inland slant wells can provide greater well efficiencies and production by producing less draw-down and allowing for a longer screen interval to be placed in the saturated aquifer.

Intro Education for kids:

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