Planning to Avoid Shortfalls

All urban water suppliers in the state of California that provide over 3,000 acre-feet annually, or serve over 3,000 connections are required to prepare an urban water management plans (UWMP). A UWMP assesses the ability of the supplier to avoid shortfalls and provide reliable service over a 20-year planning horizon.


GEOSCIENCE conducted a geohydrologic investigation along with working with City staff to draft its 2010 UWMP for the City of Banning, California.

To bring the project to a successful conclusion, the GEOSCIENCE team:

  • Described the service area of the City of Banning, including geographic extent, climate statistics, and population projections
  • Quantified past and present water demands for the City of Banning. Projected future water demand values
  • Quantified past and present water supply sources and prepared an estimation of future supply sources
  • Quantified availability of non-potable water supply, including consideration of reduction of wastewater flows from future water conservation measures
  • Considered city mandated water shortage contingency planning in order to meet projected demand under single and multiple dry year conditions
  • Addressed water conservation and recycling measures in order to curb future demand and meet the goal of 20% reduction in usage per capita by 2020, outlined by the Governor’s Office in 2009
  • Provided a draft UWMP to the City of Banning for comprehensive public review