Helping to Meet the Challenge of Drought

Diamond Valley Lake is one of the largest, and newest, reservoirs in Southern California. Its surface water storage capacity serves as a vital link in the Metropolitan Water District’s ability to meet the water supply needs of some 18 million people in the region, and to serve as acritical lifeline in times of drought. The $1.9 billion project, still considered to be one of the largest earthworks projects in the US, took more than a decade to create, from planning to completion.

GEOSCIENCE was retained by MWD to mitigate groundwater impacts for the West Dam area of the massive project. To achieve this, the team designed and managed the construction of injection and monitoring wells, as well as a replacement production well. Once constructed, GEOSCIENCE also prescribed a rehabilitation program for the injection wells.

GEOSCIENCE’s approach and solutions included:

  • Conducting a baseline geohydrologic investigation
  • Establishing the natural hydrologic and geohydrologic condition of the area prior to dam construction
  • Evaluating the surface and groundwater hydrology of the construction area
  • Monitoring long-term groundwater levels and groundwater quality using a network of monitoring wells within the basin
  • Design and oversight of construction of 28 monitoring wells
  • Design and oversight of construction of 12 injection wells used during construction of the West Dam to mitigate impacts on groundwater downstream
  • Siting, design, and construction of one replacement groundwater production well
  • Rehabilitation of 12 injection wells to restore injection capacity

GEOSCIENCE’s work enabled MWD to bring the overall Diamond Valley Lake Project to completion and to meet its goal of meeting the region’s critical seasonal, drought, and emergency water supply needs.