Evaluation of Maximum Perennial Yield

GEOSCIENCE prepared a geohydrologic study for the City of Big Bear Lake Department of Water and Power to re-evaluate the maximum perennial yield of the Big Bear Watershed and a portion of Baldwin Lake Watershed. The subbasins that make up these watersheds are both alluvial and fractured rock aquifers. The scope of work included:

1) Initial background data collection and augmentation, including a brief field investigation;
2) Evaluation of data to delineate aquifer systems;
3) Preparation of a detailed geohydrologic basemap;
4) Preparation of a geographic information system (GIS) database; and
5) Determination of the maximum perennial yield for the study area using several different methods.

The multiple methods used to calculate the perennial yield included the Zero Net Draft Method, Ground Water Underflow Calculation (Darcian Flow), and Watershed Modeling.