Successful Well Rehabilitation and Groundwater Monitoring Program

The City of Riverside turned to GEOSCIENCE when embarking on a program to protect and manage the City’s groundwater and wells.

The objective was to rank the 55 active production wells for rehabilitation or replacment, and to augment its existing network of groundwater monitoring wells with either new or retrofitted wells designed for the long-term collection of groundwater level and quality data. The project called for a thorough evaluation of the City’s monitoring well network and protocols, identifying vertical and lateral data gaps, and recommending options to supplement the existing monitoring well network. GEOSCIENCE also provided the City with well replacement costs using an in-house cost evaluation program. The program increased the local groundwater production, while decreasing pumping, operations and capital costs. As a result of the successful conclusion of this project, the GEOSCIENCE team continues to work with RPU to refine the program and train City staff.

GEOSCIENCE’s scope of work included:

  • Review Historical Well Data and Draft Energy Management Plan
  • Develop Well Rehabilitation and Replacement Priority List
  • Development of Standard Specification for Rehabilitation of Wells
  • Review Background & Historical Data, Estimate Expected Production for New Wells
  • Identify Well Sites Favorable for Non-Potable Production Wells
  • Prepare Specifications for New Wells
  • Prepare Preliminary Monitoring Well Design
  • Assist City in Preparing Standard Bid Documents and Details
  • Monitoring Well Assessment, Siting, and Final Design
  • Develop Baseline Scenario Model Input Files and Conduct Model Runs
  • Conduct Knowledge Transfer Workshops
  • Prepare Draft/Final Technical Memoranda