Well Field Optimization

Increasing Efficiency, Saving Costs and Improving Output

Water supply agencies tasked with providing water services to users are increasingly called upon to balance meeting their water supply demands with sustainably and efficiently managing their groundwater resources. Maintaining, or increasing, groundwater supply and optimum flow conditions through well field management and rehabilitation programs is a critical component of operations. GEOSCIENCE is well versed in devising comprehensive strategies and programs for the evaluation, rehabilitation and testing of existing wells and wellfields.

GEOSCIENCE provides individual water well management and wellfield programs and evaluations to prolong well life and minimize capital expenditures. Our recommendations are prepared in consideration of minimizing the risk of damage while improving overall well performance. GEOSCIENCE’s approach has resulted in improved well performance as evidenced by increased specific capacity, discharge rate and efficiency. Our well asset management services provide clients with reliable recommendations to help guide capital expenditures for well rehabilitation and replacement.

While GEOSCIENCE carefully considers agency needs with each engagement, some of the well management and development services we provide include:

  • Review of current and historical well, water quality and geohydrologic data
  • Development of well rehabilitation and replacement strategies
  • Development of standard specifications for well rehabilitation
  • Estimates of expected production for new wells
  • Well sitings and specifications for new wells
  • Assistance in preparation of standard bid documents and details
  • Monitoring well assessment, siting, design and installation
  • Development of baseline scenario model input files and conduct model runs
  • Conducting Knowledge Transfer Workshops with agency staff
  • Preparation of draft and final Technical Memoranda and Reports

Additionally, GEOSCIENCE has worked with clients to develop diagnostic tools to enable specific recommendations for individual wells as well as an in-house cost evaluation program to assist in evaluating costs.

Safe and efficient water supplies are vitally important to the economic and environmental health of California’s communities. GEOSCIENCE’s well rehabilitation programs are technically sound, and help clients meet the challenge of best using their available capital to ensure the reliability of their groundwater supplies.


Riverside Public Utilities Water Division Groundwater Monitoring Program

GEOSCIENCE devised a comprehensive well rehabilitation and groundwater monitoring program to increase production and decrease costs.

Client: Riverside Public Utilites Water Division
Date: 2013-present
Services Performed: Water Wells, Well Field Optimization


Rancho California Water District Groundwater Management Program

Maintaining long term partnerships with clients is a hallmark of GEOSCIENCE. Since 1988, we have served as the district hydrologist for the Rancho California Water District. In that time, we have devised programs to help the District plan, develop and manage its groundwater.

Client: Rancho California Water District
Date: 1988-present
Services Performed: Basin Management, Geohydrologic Studies, Groundwater Modeling, Water Wells, Well Field Optimization