Who We Are


Get the Science Right
Our reputation rests on the quality and integrity of our work. Our clients rely on us to provide sound advice to help manage their water resources. We strive to find the “hydraulic truth” and will do what it takes to get it right for our clients.

Do the Right Thing
Doing the right thing and making a profit are not mutually exclusive. We keep our word—to ourselves and to our clients. We are ethical, above-board and respectful in all our business interactions. We own, acknowledge, and learn from our mistakes.

Keep Innovating
We commit ourselves to always look for new and better ways to manage groundwater resources. Whether it’s developing better ways to model groundwater movement or adapting existing technology for new uses—we will find new ways to help our clients.

Riding for the Brand
We take pride in ourselves and what we do for our clients. We will always serve the best interest of our clients. Every person and every job in our organization is important and we support each other whenever and wherever needed.

Make it Fun
Underneath it all, everything we do is about people. We strive to create an enjoyable environment for our employees and visiting clients. Our work may be serious, but we can have fun doing it.