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For more than 45 years we have created groundwater models, designed wells and provided critical support for managing groundwater basins. Leveraging technology, our degreed staff get the science right and deliver consistent, reliable results.

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We provide full-service solutions for Water Management Agencies, Water Utilities & Municipalities, Agriculture / Irrigation, and Commercial Developers.

We work in the regions of California, Arizona, and Nevada.

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Managing and Protecting Groundwater Basins

Full service geohydrology starts on the surface. We model interactions between surface water and groundwater, from figuring out how much rainfall in a basin percolates into the ground, to mapping out interaction between streams and groundwater basins.

Our hydrogeologists and engineers have advanced experience with efficiently recharging water into the ground, and both design, plan and manage construction of wells.


Robust and Reliable Well Infrastructure

True pioneers, we created the first numerical models of groundwater basins, taking into account how much water is stored, how much water is entering through the surface, and from the ground.

Our computerized groundwater models enable management and forecasting for all aspects of groundwater basin operations. We also site, design and manage construction of a well infrastructure for extracting as well as injecting water.


Augmenting Groundwater Supplies

Aquifers may need to be recharged to meet current and future groundwater needs. We have deep experience with augmenting groundwater basins through a process of Managed Aquifer Recharge. Using basin-wide modeling tools we can predict the impact of pumping and future augmentation projects. With this knowledge we support project planning, permitting and implementation to success.


Protecting Water Rights

We provide expertise in groundwater and surface water rights, and litigation involving the design, construction and operation of water supply wells. We provide technical expertise for simple as well as protracted water related litigation in the US and internationally.

From strategic case support to development of robust, defendable technical analyses and groundwater models, we support declarations, depositions and trials. Groundwater models developed by us and used in litigation have never been impeached by an adversarial party.


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