Subsurface Intakes for Water Desalination

Reliable quantities and quality of seawater without damage to marine life

Full service

Lifecyle support for vertical and slant desalination subsurface intake wells

Lifecyle support by dedicated professional staff for vertical and slant desalination subsurface intakes under the ocean floor. We perform well site evaluation, preliminary and final well design, permitting and bid support, to construction management and operational support.

Meet your goals

Reliable quantity and specific quality groundwater for desalination projects

The best chance for success in meeting goals for new and existing feed water supply wells for seawater desalination facilities. Will result in reliable infrastructure for assured production, water quality, and lower life cycle costs, while keeping construction costs under control.

Safer intakes

40+ years of designing feedwater supply wells for desalination facilities

We help determine the feasibility of subsurface intake systems, calculate potential production rates, and design subsurface intake systems. Located under the ocean floor, intakes are inherently safe for marine life.

Go with a Pro

Using scientifically tested methodologies

Our engineers and geologists developed the design and construction methods for slant well desalination intakes, along with important intellectual property. For decades a leader in municipal water well design and construction, we have developed standard well design and construction practices that are widely used in the industry.