Well design & Construction Management

We help clients meet goals for new and existing water supply wells, be it maximum production, water quality, life cycle cost of wells, or controlling construction costs for wells

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Leader in Municipal Water Well design and construction

We have a track record of more 1,000 high capacity water wells. Dedicated professional staff provides full-service well lifecyle support. From well site evaluation, preliminary and final design, to permitting and bid support, well construction management and operational support, we have done this for more than 40 years.

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Using scientifically tested methodologies

Our highly qualified team helps assess and manage well infrastructure to extend well life, keep long term expenses under check and improve water supply reliability. Leveraging experience and real world data, we help increase water production efficiency while troubleshooting and testing existing wells for water quality and other issues.

Geoscience has a history of improving well design. We have introduced new well materials and improved gravel pack design. We also developed methods for zone testing of water quality, to improve well performance.

Well lifecycle support

We developed the industry standards

We wrote the book: we developed standard design and construction practices that are industry standards

Based on science and thorough testing, Geoscience has developed standard well design, construction and rehabilitation practices that are widely used in the industry. Tried and true well designs can assure production, and makes the well infrastructure more reliable. Modeling of well operation helps control project costs and reduces the long-term need for operational support.


End to End Wellfield Support

Full support throughout the process from Well Siting, Permitting and bid support to wellfiled managment