Managed Aquifer Recharge

45 years of experience modeling and designing Managed Aquifer Recharge projects

Full-service support for conjunctive use projects that augment groundwater basin supplies

Planning, protecting and managing the beneficial use of groundwater resources is no small task. We leverage our long experience to provide full-service support for conjunctive use projects to augment groundwater basin supplies, making sure to meet the operational and regulatory needs of the project.

Basin-wide models for predicting impact of pumping and augmentation projects

Thorough understanding of the groundwater basin is the starting point of any meaningful management. We are experts in modeling of o augment supply in their groundwater basins to meet current and future needs through Managed Aquifer Recharge

Support planning, permitting and implementation of Managed Aquifer Recharge projects

Lean on us for strategic and technical support throughout the project life cycle. Starting with groundwater modeling, we facilitate design and permitting activities all the way to operational startup support and tracer testing.