The Company

From the pioneering groundwater work by our founder in the 1960’s, to today’s team of engineers, geologists and hydrologists our focus has been on robust solutions to clients groundwater resource needs


Dr. Williams is awarded a PhD in groundwater hydrology and joins LADWP

• Developed an electrohydraulic arch tool to clear clogged artesian wells
• Developed shape charge explosive device to lower into basaltic aquifer wells to improve water production.


Dr. Williams returns to consulting, with stints in Iran, India and with the UN Development Program

• Developed First Seawater Intrusion Barrier in Middle East in conjunction with friend and colleague Neil Cline, Former GM of OCWD and SAWPA
• Gorgon Project –150 deep-water supply wells with Joe Sovella, former GM of Laguna Beach WD
• First Use of SCADA systems for Remote Monitoring and Management of Wellfields along Caspian Sea


Geoscience Support Services is incorporated


Geoscience develops current aquifer zone testing methods

• Screens groundwater quality prior to Well construction
• Current best practice used industry-wide


Design of the world’s largest aquifer model in collaboration with Roscoe Moss Company

• Full scale well model used to develop current best design practices for water well screen and filter pack

digital groundwater model


First modern digital computer groundwater models

• Groundwater computer modeling code developed for Orange County Water District Seawater Intrusion Barrier and Rancho California Water District


First groundwater audit completed for Rancho California Water District. Sets paradigm for contents of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014


Publication of Modern Techniques in Water Well Design

• Established Well and Filter Pack design, which is current best practice
• Serves as basis for current Well Design Standards adopted by AWWA


Supported Brazilian oil company Brasoil in litigation against the Government of Libya

• Centered on Great Manmade River Project involving more than 700 wells that failed due to faulty design
• Settled by International Arbitration


Diamond Valley Lake Recovery Well project

• Lead groundwater hydrology firm for project


Collaboration with the USGS to review first integrated groundwater models and code

• Geoscience partners with USGS to review new Modeling Code
• First USGS Integrated Surface Water and Groundwater Model

GSSI Hard hat


Antelope Valley Adjudication begins

• Development of groundwater model


Development of Slant Well technology for seawater desalination intakes

• Current best practice for seawater intakes in California

Slant well


First Slant Well completed


Supported litigation between Disi Water Company and the Government of Jordan


Antelope Valley adjudication finalized


Begin development of largest integrated groundwater model in California

• Incorporates 5 groundwater basins in Santa Ana River watershed
• Used as project planning and permitting tool by multiple agencies


Develop remote instrumentation for well construction management


Geoscience Slant Well technology serves as foundation for approval of the Doheny and Monteresy Desalination Plants