Groundwater Basin Management

A trusted strategic partner providing sound, robust and legally-defendable guidance and technical support to best manage groundwater basins.

Guidance and hands-on support

Basin-wide modeling tools

There are many challenges with managing groundwater stored in basins, not only from production and augmentation, but also the effects of climate change and possible contamination plumes. Geoscience water models are robust and reliable, building on data not wishful thinking.

Groundwater in good hands

Robust and legally- defendable guidance

At Geoscience we pride ourselves on providing the best strategic planning, operating approach and management actions for current and future water supply and regulatory requirements. A full-service company, we assist clients with developing and implementing groundwater management actions in basins.

Efficiency and compliance

Support throughout the SGMA process

Water agencies have an urgent need to predict the impact of groundwater pumping and future water augmentation projects. Geoscience provides support throughout the entire SGMA (Sustainable Groundwater Management Act) process, from modeling basins to developing GSPs (Groundwater Sustainability Plans) and managing stakeholder involvement.


Technical experts in groundwater basin adjudications since the 1980s

Geoscience has been working with clients in the US Southwest in managing their groundwater basins for more than 40 years. We have a proven track record as technical experts; from the first groundwater basin adjudications in California in the 1980s, to successfully developing DWR-accepted GSPs for some of the most challenging and contentious groundwater basins in California.