Groundwater Basin Modeling

Utilities and Municipalities trust our deep technical expertise in models and studies to meet their water supply needs, knowing the work is based on data, accurate and legally defendable.

Model development and Support

Full-service groundwater model development

Pioneers in groundwater modeling and studies, we help public and private water agencies better understand volume and quality of stored groundwater. Our models build on thorough knowledge of basin geohydrology and environmental concerns. We use accurate and comprehensive data to get the science right.

Reliable customized models

Model development, calibration, updates, and forecasting support

To reliably meet water supply needs, we model basins leveraging tools like MODFLOW, GSFLOW, HSPF, Petrel and others. We create comprehensive groundwater basin models, and have expertise in modeling flow and solute transport, as well as fate transport studies. Geoscience models are accurate, reliable and legally defendable tools supporting short and long-term operation of basins.

Efficiency and compliance

Accurate tool that supports operational, planning, and permitting requirements

Our geologists and engineers have devised sustainability plans for numerous water agencies, also in overlying basins and in basins covered by multiple agencies. Clients rely on our models and groundwater management plans to comply with requirements, e.g. under SGMA. We have supported numerous Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSP), and Drinking-Water Source Assessment and Protection (DWSAP) Programs.

Talk to the leader

Develop and improve best practices for groundwater modeling

We are a global leader in geohydrological assessments in dry areas of the US, Middle East and other places. We pioneered the use of computers for models in the 1970s and continuously develop and improve the best standard practices for groundwater modeling. Combining lithologic, surface water and water quality models enables best possible management of groundwater basins.